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Initially, I called this blog the "Build With Me Blog" because "build with me" was the request that I heard the most often from my two year old daughter. While the blog and my own DUPLO builds started out as something that I could do with my daughter, it has evolved into something more for me. While we most definitely still build together, we also now build in parallel.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Under the Duplo Sea - Fish and Reef

Duplo Fish in a Duplo Coral Reef
Maybe it is our upcoming trip to the Gulf Coast that has Bella and me thinking about all things under the sea. Whatever it is that has us longing for sandcastles, gulf water and shrimp po-boys, we had a great time building our Duplo fish and coral reef. Bella had the most fun making the free forms of our fan coral. She kept making pieces of coral for our fish long after I had to get back to work. We used the Duplo flowers for sea anemones and the transparent blue blocks for the ocean water. Unfortunately we used up our stash of the transparent blues rather quickly! We definitely need more blocks.

Duplo Fish
Here is a close up of our fish. If you don't have the tail pieces, you could fashion a tail by creating two sets of stairs from the square blocks. The top part of the tail could be replaced with stairs heading up and the bottom part of the tail could be replaced with stairs heading down. 

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