Behind the Blog

Initially, I called this blog the "Build With Me Blog" because "build with me" was the request that I heard the most often from my two year old daughter. While the blog and my own DUPLO builds started out as something that I could do with my daughter, it has evolved into something more for me. While we most definitely still build together, we also now build in parallel.

Friday, July 5, 2013

From Duplo India With Love: Elephant

   I set out to build a DUPLO elephant in early January of this year. Three "tear downs" and one bat home invasion later, I am finished! When I initially planned him out, I figured that I would not have enough bricks to make him a solid color. I chose the two shades of blue because together they formed my largest collection of bricks and because the blues reminded me of Michael Foreman's watercolors for Madhur Jaffrey's book, "Seasons of Splendor: Tales, Myths and Legends of India" - a book I devoured as a child.
   At first, I thought that I might be bothered by the elephant's mottled appearance, but I ended up rather liking it. I didn't really know how many bricks I was going to need in the end so I just built freely, randomly selecting light or dark blue. Now that I have a better idea of how many DUPLOs a build of this size takes, I would like to try and use the two shades of color differently - maybe a color gradient??


  1. Wow. That is super impressive. I came across your seahorse picture, and built one for my daughter. And then again for my bookshelf. haha. I wish I had the ability to translate things I want to build into 3D like you! I end up with very disfigured creatures that my daughter usually calls dinosaur. I hope you keep building, so I can keep trying to follow along!

  2. That is a gorgeous elephant. The elephant lends itself quite well to the rough texture of the Duplos. I think the mottled color scheme works quite well, and that curved tail is a nice detail.
    It's fun to see some large Duplo creations. I enjoy it, but I haven't seen it much.

  3. Amazing! Just found this blog..wish you still shared